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At a time in their lives when loss is prominent, where dementia impedes the ability to function with ease, and distress can be a more prominent state of being than comfort and peace – we realize and value the richness and contribution that music therapy brings to our residents.” 

Rosemary Dunne

Director and Manager at Broadway Lodge

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed some major flaws in care systems for our seniors. Long Term Care facilities are neglecting Care Models that attend to the needs of the individual. Over-extended care aids have 15 minutes to keep each resident dry and fed, leaving no time to tend to their emotional and mental well being.

Music Therapy provides an opportunity to reminisce, relax, and connect in a meaningful way. It is a low barrier and accessible therapy for those who cannot attend other programs due to physical or mental restrictions. For those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Music Therapists act as a personal historian and help each person recall their own unique story. Music Therapy provides opportunities for self-actualization that is lost when someone is dependent on a caretaker to live their day-to-day. Without visits from their loved ones, music therapy has been a saving grace from loneliness and hopelessness. Music Therapy has been a familiar friend in a time of need.

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You can help us reach more Canadians with the healing power of music. We invite you to give the gift of music to provide hope, strength, relief and encouragement to Canadians in need.

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