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I have witnessed the magic that can happen with music in people’s life as they face end of life. The connections, memories and joy it brings to families in uncharted waters is incredible. It soothes strained nerves, alleviates anxiety, and brings life into what is still very much living! There is a true healing that happens from having music, especially live music at end of life. There is also benefits to staff to see patients and families sharing experiences and making new memories as well as they benefit from hearing the music themselves. I can’t say enough about how meaningful this work is. It’s a shame that it isn’t considered essential for all those who are in care of all kinds. We feel so fortunate to have someone as gifted as Josh [music therapist] joining our program.”

Sarah Cobb

Executive Director

Your support will re-establish a music therapy program at the Vancouver Hospice Society that has been dormant.


Vancouver Hospice Society is an 8 bed in patient hospice that supports approximately 150 patient’s, plus family and friends annually. People stay at the hospice at end of life and are there for 3 months or less. The average length of stay is 2-3 weeks. Vancouver Hospice supports people from 19 years old and up who are living with a life threatening illness.

How does Music Therapy uniquely address the needs of clients at Vancouver Hospice?

Music therapy supports our population in many unique ways. Music therapy offers relaxation, comfort, alleviation from pain as well as sharing memories and life reflection. People at times are interested in doing a life review which can be facilitated by a music therapist in which they record memories and oral histories leaving a beautiful gift for family and friends. Song writing can also support people as they reflect and process their end of life journey. There are tremendous opportunities for legacy work in working with a music therapist.

Your support will re-establish a music therapy program at the Vancouver Hospice Society.

“The financial resources haven’t been there in previous years and we are acutely aware of the many losses our patients and families are experiencing during the pandemic. Bringing music back to VHS will support the people we serve during this difficult time.” – Sarah Cobb, Executive Director

Currently the hospice has allotted a conservative 6 hours a week, with hopes of expanding on that over time. They also plan to offer bereavement services that will incorporate the music therapist if funding is successful. Music therapy will be offered to each patient as appropriate.

Joshua Denny-Keys

My name is Joshua Denny-Keys and I have been employed as a music therapist at Providence Health Care since March 2017, the Dr. Peter Centre since November 2017, and more recently with Vancouver Hospice Society. I have worked with a variety of populations, from acute mental health and long-term care, to palliative care (both acute and hospice) and HIV/AIDS care. I focus on patient choice in my work, meeting those I work with where they are at, and then building goals and the therapeutic relationship from there. I am an accomplished pianist, guitarist, and French Horn player – as well as a mix of other instruments including banjo, trumpet, and more.

You can help us reach more Canadians with the healing power of music. We invite you to give the gift of music to provide hope, strength, relief and encouragement to Canadians in need.

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