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Speaking is quite difficult for Stella. She has sensory processing difficulties and can quickly become overwhelmed in busy environments. Music therapy has done a great deal towards improving her speech clarity, and improved confidence. The 1:1 sessions allow her to fully participate in what she loves – singing and learning instruments, without experiencing the sensory overload of a room full of people. Participating in concerts have been an incredible experience for everyone – not only for Stella to discover what she herself is capable of, but also for the audience to learn who she really is.

Being given the opportunity to shine and finding a new place in the eyes of the community is invaluable to a child with developmental challenges. It literally changes her future.” 

- Parent of Stella, a Music Therapy participant at St James Music Academy

At a time where the world is complicated and confusing, music therapy can help a child regulate thoughts and express their feelings in ways that words cannot. From premature infants in the NICU, to children with developmental delays, from marginalized youth at risk, to those learning to process grief for the first time, music therapy is able to address the needs of children from all walks of life.

The structure of a song, a dance or an instrumental piece provides reassurance and can lead a child from disorganized and chaotic behaviour to more integration and focus. Music can immediately ease the fears and anxieties of the child on a hospital bed as they prepare her for surgery. The soothing lull of their mother’s voice can calm a premature infant’s heartbeat. Drum beats can help a non-verbal child signify the difference between joy and anger. A simple strum of guitar strings can ignite the senses of a shy, unengaged youth. In hospice care, music therapy improves quality of life and brings much needed strength for families of terminally ill children. Music Therapy meets a child where they are at and sparks within them a world of joy, growth, and imagination.

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