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I find [music therapy] is great rehabilitative therapy. I’ve improved [and regained] my memory and increased dexterity” 

- Participant of the music therapy program at Victoria Brain Injury Society

Programs serving adults are often under-recognized. Resources and support for those living with Autism and developmental delays becomes less accessible as they grow into adulthood. Those looking to transition out of homelessness or addiction are being met with increasing challenges as COVID-19 amplifies the drug and overdose crisis.

Music Therapy provides a strong sense of belonging and focuses on the whole person to help improve, maintain, and restore an optimal state of well-being. The environment established by a music therapist can provide much needed relief from fears and anxieties. For those recovering from brain injury or stroke, music therapy helps to activate pathways to improve motor, speech, language processing, and cognitive functions. Some clients are able to sing words that they aren’t even able to speak. Music therapy is giving a voice to the voiceless and a sense of purpose for those on their healing journey.

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You can help us reach more Canadians with the healing power of music. We invite you to give the gift of music to provide hope, strength, relief and encouragement to Canadians in need.

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