During these uncertain times when mental health needs to be front and centre of all of our priorities. Music therapy continues to be on the front lines of life changing – and sometimes life saving – work.

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, Music Heals is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to ensure that Canadians receive access to life changing music therapy programs.

We have heard from programs across the country: the resounding statement is that music therapy is one of the most accessible and well-attended programs that addresses the mental health needs of clients from all walks of life. Even in the midst of the pandemic Music Therapy continues to improve quality of life, maintain a sense of belonging and community, and provide a safe space for people to address the fears and anxieties brought on by the pandemic.

Our community continues to show up for each other in times of need; Music Heals needs you to Turn Up for Music Therapy!


You can make an impact.

Music is powerful and there’s no doubt that many people have relied on music to get through the pandemic.

When it felt like everything was cancelled; music still found a way into our living room dance parties. Music helped us stay connected and uplifted us during these crazy times. Music was never cancelled and neither was Music Therapy.

The need for Music Therapy to support a variety of physical, mental health, cognitive, and social issues is greater than ever before. This is why we are inviting you to show up for those who need it most and Adopt-a-Program in our Turn Up for Music Therapy campaign.

We are so very grateful for how many of our friends and community have raised their hands to Turn Up for Music Therapy.

David Barnett

Board President

We invite you to explore the available opportunities to fund programs in need by selecting a tab below. If you wish to make a general donation please click the donation box at the bottom of the page.

Each adoptable program has a detailed description of the clients served, the impact music therapy is having and the innovative ways music therapists are practicing in an environment disrupted by COVID-19.

Your donation includes a 10% administrative fee to sustain Music Heals to continue to raise funds and awareness for music therapy in Canada. Thank you for your generous support!

When you adopt a program you will receive:

Logo inclusion on MusicHeals.ca

Social media inclusions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn

A custom blog post highlighting your gift and the impact it has had

A storytelling opportunity to share how you have changed lives with the healing power of music. You will receive a yearly summary filled with stories and photos of impact to share with staff, clients & your network

An invite to visit the facility to see music therapy in action (if it is safe to do so)

I wish to explore programs that support:

You can help us reach more Canadians with the healing power of music. We invite you to give the gift of music to provide hope, strength, relief and encouragement to Canadians in need.

No contribution is too small!