Fundraiser in Memory of Anthony Lloyd Kennedy organized by the Poker Boys raised over $800 for the music therapy program at BC Children’s Hospital

11 April 2024

The 3rd Annual Memorial Cup Fundraiser in Memory of Anthony Lloyd Kennedy was held on April 21st, 2024

Anthony Lloyd Kennedy lost his battle with cancer on April 12th, 2021 at the age of 29, just a short time after earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology from SFU in 2020.

Anthony and a group of his friends had been playing poker together since 2010 when they went to Whistler on a high school music trip and now, in his memory, Anthony’s “Poker Boys” poker group hosts an annual memorial cup to raise funds for charity in his honour. This year, in celebration of Anthony’s love of music they have selected Music Heals Charitable Foundation in support of the charity’s mission to raise funds and awareness for music therapy. Funds will go towards the music therapy program at BC Children’s Hospital.

Anthony is remembered for his quiet wisdom, light spirit and generous demeanour and his mom, Angie shares that she believes Anthony would be really happy to support a charity honouring his love of music. An accomplished musician, Anthony played guitar, and there are several recordings of his music available that we are honoured to share



Music Heals Charitable Foundation believes in the healing power of music and raises funds and awareness for music therapy programs throughout BC. With the generous support of Anthony’s friends and family through this campaign, Music Heals will increase access to music therapy for people in need. Thank you to everyone for helping us to give the gift of music.

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