Sponsorships & Corporate Giving

A Partnership with Music Heals Offers A Unique Opportunity to Give Back


of Canadians

Say they have a more positive view of a company that supports a cause they care about (2007 Cone Cause Evolution Study)

The Power of Collaboration

At Music Heals we believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships to create a positive impact in our community. We are always looking for brands and organizations that share our mission and values to join us in giving the gift of music.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a buzzword but a genuine commitment to social causes. By aligning your brand with Music Heals, you have a unique opportunity to give back to the community and contribute to meaningful change by giving the gift of music.


of Employees

Wished their employers would do more to support a cause of a social issue they care about (The Nielson Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility 2014)


of Consumers

Say companies have a responsibility to support causes (Do Well Do Good)

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Making a Difference

Partnering with Music Heals Charitable Foundation demonstrates your brand's commitment and showcases your dedication to making a difference beyond profit margins. By supporting our events and campaigns, you can directly improve the lives of those in need. Music Heals offers a range of partnership opportunities tailored to suit your brand's objectives and resources.

Creating a Better World

Together, we can develop innovative and impactful initiatives that align with your company's values and engage your employees, customers, and stakeholders. In addition to the positive social impact, collaborating with Music Heals can enhance your brand's reputation and credibility. It demonstrates to your audience that you are a responsible and conscientious organization, dedicated to creating a better world.

Opportunities include:

  • Corporate Philanthropy
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Corporate Event Sponsorships
  • Fundraising Campaign Sponsorships
  • Adopt A Music Therapy Program
  • Cause Marketing Campaigns
  • In-Kind Event Partnerships
  • Raffle & Auction Donations

Join Us In Our Mission To Create Lasting Change

Together, we can make a difference and inspire others to do the same. Contact us to explore the possibilities of a meaningful partnership with Music Heals.

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