About Music Heals

Music Heals Charitable Foundation has provided over $4 million in funds to increase access to music therapy for vulnerable Canadians in need.

Who We Are

Music Heals Charitable Foundation is a registered charity based in Vancouver. At our core, Music Heals is made up of a group of music lovers who have come together to raise awareness and funds to increase access to music therapy services in communities throughout BC and across Canada. Founded in 2012, Music Heals raises awareness and funding for the therapeutic use of music in physical and mental health practices.

Who We Serve

  • Children’s hospitals
  • Senior centres
  • Cancer patients
  • Burn unit
  • Palliative care & hospices
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • AIDS & HIV patients
  • At-risk children & youth
  • Bereavement support
  • Survivors of stroke
  • Survivors of brain injury
  • Children & adults with autism
  • Neonatal intensive care units
  • Elementary, secondary & alternate schools
  • Women’s mental health and addiction recovery
  • Music programs for children and youth living in Vancouver's Downtown East Side
  • Click to see the facilities we have funded for 2024

We truly believe that music heals.

We partner with the music therapy programs we fund to share their incredible stories of the impact of music therapy for individuals from all walks of life. Through storytelling we aim to increase awareness for the power of music and increase funding to support the sustainability and expansion of music therapy programs to bring this life-changing therapy to everyone who needs it.

Even though she's non-verbal, Erin will use vocalization and other communication tools to make specific requests for the songs she enjoys most.

PALS Adult Services Society family member

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