Sway under the stars with these performers for the Music Therapy Ride on August 24!

28 June 2019

Couldn’t make it to Coachella this year? It’s ok, neither could we. Disappointed that there’s another year wait for the return of SKOOKUM? Us too. Lucky for you, this year’s Music Therapy Ride in partnership with Bikers for Autism can offer a remedy for that festival lust.

On August 24, our party under the stars also includes live performances at the base of Mount Currie from these incredibly talented artists:



Fire up that beach music and toss us a beer! (Perhaps one of Steam Whistle Brewing‘s new premium pale ales?)

Coming off of his ninth release, an EP titled Beach Music, Daniel Wesley’s music inspires listeners to live life to the fullest and embrace every part of its beauty. With guitar strums that create the sound of sunshine and a voice that’s warm grit mimics the feeling of sand between your fingers during everyone’s favourite season, Wesley reaffirms his West Coast roots.

Whether listening to the pot smoker anthem “Fire” right on the beach during a hot sunny day or seeing him play live in Pemberton after a day of riding the stunning Sea to Sky, you’ll find yourself easily bopping your head along to his mellow beats and getting high on life from his laidback musical presence that radiates the vibe of a good day.



You may know her as the magnetic frontwoman for Canadian indie pop band Hey Ocean! or the voice behind characters on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which popularized the entertaining concept of the Brony community (‘bros’ who like My Little Pony). But as of 2017, Ashleigh Ball now has a solo release to add to her list of growing accomplishments – an EP called Gold in You, which she wrote and recorded in Los Angeles with producer Ajay Bhattacharyya.

Departing from her Indie roots, Ball’s Gold in You features songs of vulnerable storytelling. Her sound echoes the familiarity of a catchy radio tune mixed in with her changing vocal style – a dreamy blend of bubble gum pop and the sultry grit of a jazz slide. Only to return to her original raw sound with this year’s ‘Nude’ version of the same EP.

Featuring songs like “Crazy” and “Lover”, the EP explores themes of asynchronous relationships and the paradox of wanting two different lives at once: stable vs. chaotic, or reality vs. dream. But whichever life you choose to live in the moment, Ball will most definitely bring the energy that comes with the joy of feeling alive.



If his seventh album release in February, Gathering Storm, can tell us anything – it’s that Buckman Coe confidently uses music to raise his voice in a world where others are often told to quiet down. Through soulful R&B and rootsy world rhythms, Coe creates a feel-good optimism that seeks romantic and spiritual well-being for everyone.

While past albums like Altar are more folk-driven, Gathering Storm pools together a wider array of genres in Coe’s signature style – edgy and psychedelic. Bring out the inner hippie from your nature-loving soul with songs like “Be Free”, featuring a 70s-inspired string section, and title track “Gathering Storm”, which was inspired by Coe’s 2016 trip to Standing Rock and his growing relationships with Indigenous leaders, artists and activists in British Columbia.

Coe’s songs dance to the tangible sound of Universal Love, so what better music to sway under the stars to with people who are celebrating a great cause?

Stay tuned for more special guests as we get closer to the date. Can’t wait to see you there!