Our team has a wealth of experience with brand partnerships and we want to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share our values.


Adopt a music therapy program that aligns with your values. Currently we are funding programs in children’s hospitals, palliative care, senior centres, youth in the Downtown Eastside, or individuals on the Autism Spectrum and many more.

Click here to explore programs in need.

Sponsor one of our events or host your own fundraiser to create employee engagement. Workplace giving programs benefit significantly from a “halo effect” that boosts employee engagement, workplace pride, employee productivity, brand perception and customer opinion, and results in higher sales, greater innovation, better teamwork and higher profitability.

Create a cause marketing campaign that promotes your philanthropy to clients and customers. Think of aligning your brand with Music Heals as an extension of your marketing department; with a return on investment that increases the perception of your social consciousness to both clients and employees. Feeling inspired? Let’s start a conversation!

Let’s start a conversation about creating an exciting brand partnership or sponsorship opportunity today!