Maya Farrell attempts to be the first to swim 88km across Lake Ontario

Music Heals

On Saturday, July 7, Maya Farrell attempts to be the first to swim 88km route across Lake Ontario
16-year-old Ottawa resident to swim from Rochester to Brighton, in support of Music Heals.

Maya Farrell’s attempt to swim across Lake Ontario from Rochester, New York to
Brighton, Ontario now has a tentative start date and time of 7:00am this Saturday, July 7. 16-year-old Maya Farrell
will be attempting to swim the 88km route, which is the widest point of the Lake Ontario, and it has never been
attempted before.

Maya’s team will be using a live tracking device, which you can view at the following link and follow Maya’s
progress across the lake:

Maya is coached by legendary Canadian marathon swimmer, and 16-time world record holder, Vicki Keith .

“After all my training, I’m excited about starting my attempt to swim 88km across the widest span of Lake Ontario
this weekend” says Maya Farrell. “My coach, Vicki Keith, says I’m ready, so I’m ready! I have a fantastic support
team, which gives me confidence I can do it!”

Her grandfather, who cycled across Canada several times, inspires her. He used to tell Maya stories about his
adventures, struggles, and mishaps he encountered along the way. Sadly, he passed away in March this year. Only
three weeks earlier, Maya also lost her mother to a rare illness. Despite this very difficult time in her life, Maya is
determined to keep going, and says “I know that my mom and grandad are right there with me.”

Her goal is to raise $10,000 for Music Heals. Maya’s fundraising page is

Follow Maya’s progress on Twitter and Instagram, including live updates posted by her farther during the swim, at
@MayaSwim2018, and on Facebook at

Go Maya!