4,000 CDs Donated To Music Therapy Program At Vancouver General Hospital

By Music Heals August 14, 2013

Music Heals facilitates donation from Vancouver collector

Vancouver music consultant and marketing coach Brian Thompson has donated his entire collection of 4,000 CDs to the music therapy program at Vancouver General Hospital. The CDs will benefit music therapy patients in the Burn Unit and palliative care – the two programs at VGH currently utilizing music therapy.

Thompson contacted Music Heals to ask where his collection might go to good use, and was connected with Gemma Isaac, music therapist for the Burn Unit at VGH. Thompson’s blog (thornybleeder.com) was ranked one of the Top 10 music blogs in Canada in a recent CBC Radio 3 poll.

“Music has such an amazing power in our lives and its therapeutic qualities are often overlooked,” says Thompson. “It has the ability to save lives and to help people feel less alone. It is my hope that this donation of music can help bring some much needed comfort and escape during the difficult and painful moments in someone’s life.”

“From a music therapy perspective,” adds Gemma Isaac, ”the generous donation of CDs presents an opportunity for patients to choose their preferred music at a time and place when they feel like they may have no choice or control over what is happening to them during their long, and at times arduous, recovery process at the hospital. In music therapy, song choices open doors for patients to express themselves and feel validated while the music therapist is present to support the patient’s process.”

Transportation for the CDs was kindly provided by Red Truck Brewery, who supplied a large vehicle for the day, and members of the Vancouver Fire Fighters who helped with the heavy lifting.

Photo (L-R): Firefighters Warren Gardner, Bryce Wittal, Adrian Sherriff; Sam Payne, Red Truck Brewery; Gemma Isaac, VGH Burn Unit music therapist; Brian Thompson; Chris Brandt, Music Heals; Barb Wilson and Jim O’Hara, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. And a truck full of 4,000 CDs.

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013

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