14-year-old girl to swim across Lake Ontario for Music Heals

Music Heals

Maya’s Swim For Music happening this month

Meet Maya Farrell. This incredible 14 year old has set a big challenge for herself this month.

Maya is making a 52.4 km crossing attempt of Lake Ontario in July in support of Music Heals. Her swim will take 20-25 hours in cold and choppy waters.

If I she successful (which we know she will be!), she will be the youngest person ever to complete this route across Lake Ontario, which is considered one of the top five toughest endurance swims in the world. Only about 60 people have done it.

Maya’s swim will begin any time between July 23rd and August 5th, 2016, depending on weather conditions.

Her two passions in life are swimming and music, and she is excited to be combining the two for a cause. Join her in supporting music therapy programs in Canada, and raising awareness of the healing powers of music.

All of the proceeds of Maya’s swim will benefit a music therapy program in her hometown of Ottawa.

Maya has created a donation page for her swim. Check out the link below, and cheer Maya on!

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016