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Music Therapy for Community Health & Wellness

Sue Baines, BMus., MTA, MA, Fellow of the Association for Music & Imagery Sourced from mtabc.com

Music Therapy can be a resource that people choose to access in the community to restore and promote their own health and well-being. Music Therapy programs directly address quality of life issues. A Health and Wellness approach might directly address goals such as creativity, self-exploration, enhanced quality of life, integration of mind/body resources, intuition, focus, memory work, identity, autonomy, performance, stress reduction, motivation, pain management, accessing feelings, empowerment, communication, and socialization. This list is by no means exhaustive. Music experiences that might take place include focused listening, toning, singing, song-writing, instrumental improvisation, drumming, music and meditation, guided imagery and music, and music with the other arts. Some music therapists specialize in areas such as music and spirituality or body work and music. People interested in working with a music therapist should contact the Music Therapy Association of BC at 924-0046. Be sure to articulate your particular needs as clearly as possible.