Surrey Memorial Hospital - NICU

Surrey , BC


The  Music Therapy program at Surrey Memorial NICU is offered twice a week. Each session is one to one bedside with mostly pre-infants and their parents. Since January 1st 2020, over 100 clients have received music therapy sessions at Surrey Memorial.

Music therapy helps neonates decrease heart rate, lower cortisol, improve sleep, improve oxygen saturation levels and promote neural development. Music therapy for parents of infants can help promote parent/infant bond as well as decrease stress.

During the height of COVID-19, the music therapy program was suspended for 4 weeks and staff and parent relaxation groups were canceled. The program has since restarted with the proper PPE precautions taking place. 

The generous support of Lark Group means the continuation of music therapy services at Surrey Memorial Hospital in 2021. This support will help serve hundreds of infants and their families as they navigate the challenges that come with premature birth and/or complications at birth.

Baby *Leslie was born full term and withdrawing from opioids. As such the Ministry of Children and Family Development were called to find foster parents to take care of her. During this process the music therapist had many bedside sessions with Leslie to help soothe, calm and help her fall asleep. Leslie responded well to the music. She responded so well in fact the nurses would frequently call Music Therapist Erin to visit when Leslie was agitated and crying. The effects of Music therapy will help Leslie continue to grow has she goes through the already turbulent early days of her life.

*Name changed to protect identity

Erin Parr

Erin began her career in Kamloops working as part of an interdisciplinary team at a school for kids with Autism. In 2011 she moved back to the lower mainland and began specializing in early childhood music and helping parents use music to aid their child’s development. In 2016 Erin obtained her NICU-MT certification and implemented the first NICU music therapy program at Surrey Memorial Hospital.  Erin is passionate about using music with children and helping families connect.

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