Kenneth Gordon
Maplewood School

North Vancouver, BC

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Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School is a non-profit centre of education supporting students with language-based learning disabilities, located in North Vancouver, BC. For over 40 years, KGMS has helped kids build skills and develop tools to be successful throughout their lives. Their unique program includes one-on-one Orton Gillingham tutoring, the lowest student to teacher ratio in the province, and a focus on hands-on learning. They have a social-emotional learning curriculum, and utilize the principles of Universal Design so that each child who attends their school feels safe and comfortable both physically and emotionally to learn. The school specializes in educating and growing the confidence of students with dyslexia, autism, ADHD and anxiety, and other learning disabilities in grades K-12 and their approach is designed to develop the whole child.

Music Therapy uniquely addresses the needs of the students at KGMS with self regulation, coping skills, emotional expression, enhanced mood, attention and focus, and social interactions with their peers. It is an evidence based way to meet the needs of children and adolescents of various ages and developmental levels. Music therapy is Inclusive of trauma-informed and wellness based models of care, it is a source of intrinsic motivation for children and adolescents to engage in therapy, and a multi-modal means of expression both verbal and non-verbal.

Your support will help establish the pilot music therapy program at Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School.

Music therapy small groups will be run once a week to provide musical opportunities for students who do not thrive in the traditional music setting. As well, for students who show a strong motivation in music making and who can work hard on their goals through this type of play. Music therapy is important to KGMS because they value the intersection of music and social emotional regulation as well as its use in empowerment, and confidence and self esteem building. Small group sessions provide more access for students and an opportunity for learning and exploring with peers, working on social interactions and self regulation.


Melody Owen, MTA, NMT, FAMI is a music therapist who has worked with children for over a decade. She is passionate about creating successful environments for children to learn, grow, and be themselves. In 2019 she completed her training in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and in 2021 her training in Neurological Music Therapy. She is excited in working with KGMS to create a sustainable music therapy program for students who struggle in other learning situations. Her hope is to come in every year and work with the students and staff!

You can help us reach more Canadians with the healing power of music. We invite you to give the gift of music to provide hope, strength, relief and encouragement to Canadians in need.

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