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  • Help get BC’s live music industry back on track! We are taking part in @soundonbc, an initiative committed to helping get our sector back to work, maintaining our capacity, and preparing us for recovery. SoundON BC is an exciting way to discover new music and will directly support the many inspiring elements and people involved in our music community. Check out https://soundon.ca for more!

SoundON donations & charity support:

  • We are proud to be part of @soundonbc – an initiative that brings together the BC music community to support our recovery during this time. Every performance will be free to watch, but your generous donation will help us continue supporting artists and presenters through the SoundON Music Resiliency Fund, and raise funds for charitable organizations @MusicHealsCanada and @UnisonFundVisit https://soundon.ca to keep up with performances & https://bit.ly/2ZdCWns to donate any time!
  • Make sure to check out all the free online @soundonbc performances where you’ll have the opportunity to donate and help artists produce more music! By making a donation, you are not only supporting the BC music community; you are also supporting registered charities @MusicHealsCanada, raising funds and awareness for music therapy across Canada for those who need it most, and @UnisonFund, which provides emergency relief to music industry professionals in times of crisis through financial assistance, and counselling and health solutions.