Meet our Volunteers: National Volunteer Week 2017

April 23 to 29 is National Volunteer Week, acknowledging and celebrating Volunteerism all across Canada. In 2013, Canadians volunteered over 2 billion hours. 

Volunteers are an integral component of the team at Music Heals, instrumental to our growth, operations, and development. This week, we’re introducing a few members of our team, to showcase the incredible diversity in our volunteers and celebrate their various contributions to Music Heals.

Thank you to our volunteers, and to all volunteers who contribute to the music and arts communities in Canada. You are irreplaceable!


Julie De Palma | Vancouver, B.C.

“My name is Julie and I’ve been volunteering for Music Heals for nearly a year. I met the team at a beer festival at the PNE, to which I dragged 2 of my best friends because I like one of the bands who was playing that day. I loved the message I heard from the people who were volunteering at the event, and immediately decided to get involved. Anyone who has gone through heartbreak, loss or any highly emotional time in their life knows how music can support you, give you hope and help you heal. This type of alternative therapy is not funded by the government and it’s a shame because there have been conclusive results regarding its efficiency when it comes to relieving pain in people who suffer from extensive burns. It has also proven extremely valuable to connect with older folks suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s as well as with children on the autism spectrum. Music is something that touches us on a deeper, less conscious level and I hope that thanks to Music Heals and all the wonderful music therapists out there, we’ll find out more and more about how powerful music really is.’


Jessy Savage | Victoria, B.C.

” My name is Jessy Savage and this will be my first summer volunteering with Music Heals. I heard about Music Heals from a friend last summer and wanted to reach out to get involved, and when I saw the call-out on Facebook, I thought it must be fate!
I’m volunteering because I truly believe that music does heal. Music has helped me heal myself of addiction and mental illness, and I know that it can heal others. Music has the power to change lives – any genre, any volume. The way that listening to the perfect song gives you goosebumps. The tiny intricacies. Or sometimes, just strumming away on your guitar. It all heals.”

Check back this week to meet our other volunteers, as #NationalVolunteerWeek2017 continues.